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The best of being a Teacher – being a learner

The best of being a Teacher – being a learner.

The best of being a Teacher – being a Learner

‘Sharing makes Learning an even more memorable experience’

Meaningful and significant Learning and Teaching processes have taken place throughout my professional life as an EFL facilitator. Children from 4 years old, teenagers and young adults have given to me such a great opportunity to grow up not only in the academic field but personally as well. Being a teacher has been – mainly – being a Learner.

That is why this is a new path I am taking – Learning to blog! I am experiencing with this way to spread the word after being inspired by a great PLN during these last three months.

Here I would like to invite you to travel along and be part of this – always – fantastic “blue” ELT world/OCEAN that is offering lots of resources to improve. Our students are better learners than us SO we should keep updated on the new Pedagogical, Methodological and technological trends … They deserve our improvement and so do we!

After some years of being a Teacher, I HAVE NOTICED WHY WE HAVE THE KEY to contribute to have a better world. Have you ever noticed that on our hands we are holding Precious Seeds which will grow up and become Strong and Colourful Trees that will give a special Oxygen to our beloved world?… as fresh and powerful Agents of Change! And do you know why we – Teachers – know how to do that so? Because we are the only ones who have been students, teachers and parents! That is the key: we are all those important ‘characters’ in Education. Therefore we can plan better strategies to deal with any kind of situation in education.

Now let me introduce my work so that you can have a better picture of my teaching/learning context.

This wonderful ‘journey’ began in 1999 when I taught English to High School students till 2002 when I started the best project ever in my career: The creation of an English Language Centre called British Alliance. Although it is relevant to say that at the beginning, it was very hard to involve people in Machala, since by that time, they gave little importance to English as a Foreign Language, even neither private or public schools or high schools included it as an important subject in their curriculum. Nowadays, we are proud to say that we were the first and only institution which involved our students in the Cambridge ESOL examinations in 2005. Our students’ parents are very pleased to see their sons and daughters getting such important qualification in English and having the same opportunities to improve as those kids from the best schools and high schools of Guayaquil and Quito.

In this Institution, our students have learnt not only English as a language but English as a bridge that connects them to the whole world. Through collaborative projects about Global issues, teachers and students have created a very positive atmosphere where learning is meaningful and fun, where Knowledge, skills and values meet up. Here we really found an endless source of learning and contributing to have a better world.
In 2006 and 2007 our students became UNICEF Junior Ambassadors for taking part of the projects about AIDS and Climate Change. Children and teenagers from some countries shared their research work through a radio broadcast developed by some German students and their tutor.
In 2008 I involved my students in an awesome local project due to World Water Day called: Water, a Precious Resource for Life. It was a scientific and artistic interscholastic Fair where students participated actively as agents of change to make their voice heard about the importance of taking care of water and their right to have safe drinking water in our city. They all got UNICEF certificates for holding it.This teaching path has being a fantastic every-day discovery and sharing!
Sharing is another important word in Education. Let’s learn to share and teach our… students how to share to learn even better!
The invitation is set! Let’s discover … Let’s learn from and with each other … Let’s share!!! Our students will thank our commitment – for shorter or longer!

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